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Join us as we answer tough questions like:

  • Should I get a brand new car or a used car?
  • As a Believer in Christ, is it morally wrong for me to finance a new car?
  • When is it right to buy a new car?
  • What tools exist for car purchases?
  • Is leasing a smart decision?
  • Should I borrow money to buy a car?
  • How can I buy a car with cash?
  • If you have a car loan, is it better to make bigger payments to pay the car down faster? Or should I build my savings for a future car instead?
  • Does co-signing ever make sense?


  • Start saving $250/mo for 24 months = $6,000 buy cheap used car
  • Keep saving $250/mo for another 24 months = $6,000 + $5,000 trade in value of old car. Purchase, in cash, $11,000 used car.
  • Continue saving $250/mo for another 2 years = $6,000 + 10,000 trade in value of old car. Purchase, in cash, $16,000 used car.
  • 2 years later, you have another $6,000 plus $14,000 trade in value = $20,000 car.
  • Over 8 years, you have purchased 4 cars and paid ZERO loan payments.



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