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Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. (Proverbs 15:22)

1. Not incorporating your faith

  • Draft a Christian estate plan. 
  • Don’t just pass on your valuables, also pass on your values.

Don’t just pass on your valuables, also pass on your values.

2. Not keeping your estate plan up to date

  • Investments and Insurance – Update (beneficiaries) in the event of a death. 
  • Review your wills and POAs every 5 years and update as needed.

3. Not storing your legal documents in the proper location

  • Keep your documents at home in a fireproof box – UNLOCKED
  • You should never keep your legal documents in a bank safe deposit box. 
  • Provide a copy to your financial advisor.

4. Not titling assets properly

  • If married, use JTWROS (Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship) or TOD (Transfer on Death) to avoid probate. 
  • Rarely is it recommended to title accounts under just one name due to probate implications.

5. Buying a trust that you may not need / Not properly using a trust that you already own

  • Beware of those who try to scare you into buying a trust based on the horrors of probate. 
  • If you already own a trust, make sure to transfer your property and assets into the trust.

6. Not talking to your spouse and kids about your money, plans, and legal documents

  • Conduct a family meeting to discuss plans, desires, and values. 
  • Be sure to show or tell them where to find your wills, power of attorney documents, deeds, titles, etc. 
  • Include a simple document with a list of assets and instructions for the spouse and heirs so that they know what to do when something happens to you. 
  • Keep this document updated annually!

7. Being a packrat

  • Learn what documents to keep and for how long. 
  • How long to keep tax returns, bank statements, utility bills, investment statements, general clutter. 
  • Can these documents be reproduced? 
  • What is your reason for keeping it?
  • Get help to clean out your house, garage, closets. 
  • Start giving items to your children/grandchildren or sell (or trash) your “collectibles” (coins, stamps, prescription bottles).


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