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Join us as we talk about and expand on the 5 mistakes below!


1.  Not having a long-term perspective, even as a retiree

  • Invest wisely in order to keep pace with inflation. 
  • A diversified portfolio using stocks, bonds, and cash is your best opportunity to beat inflation and increase income as you age.


2.  Trying to time the market

  • Understand your timeframe and risk. Stick with your plan.


3.  Succumbing to slick sales pitches and buying investments that you don’t need

  • Work with someone who is able to help you with big picture planning. 
  • Keep your guard up for the one-size-fits-all salesperson who only has one solution to offer regardless of the needs. 
    • For example, annuities are not the enemy, but a salesman with a one-size fits all agenda should be avoided. 
  • So many times, the product is sold more for the seller’s financial benefit rather than the buyer’s best interest.


4.  Dying with a Non-qualified Annuity – Potential tax disaster

  • To keep your annuity from becoming a tax burden for your heirs, take withdrawals from annuities during your lifetime rather than passing it on in an inheritance.


5.  Not getting help before or when you need it

  • Seek the counsel of others (family, trusted financial advisor). 
  • Always share information with your spouse! 
  • Having a trusted financial advisor in place before you need them is a way to show love for your spouse.



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