Personal Stewardship Review

A comprehensive financial checkup to help families and individuals examine where they are now, where they want to go, and the gaps keeping them from their goals

Advice to Help Families Reach Their Financial Goals

Managing personal finances and preparing for the future can be difficult. It’s hard to know if you’re taking the right steps to avoid debt, save for retirement, and continue to give to ministry.

The Personal Stewardship Review focuses on the nuts and bolts of personal finance and retirement preparation through the lens of Biblical stewardship. This complimentary review provides a comprehensive financial checkup to examine where families are now, where they want to go, and the gaps keeping them from their goals. Individuals can ask specific questions to an experienced, Christian financial professional during their stewardship review and receive practical advice to take the next steps toward their financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered during this review?

This review is a comprehensive financial review that covers a family’s stewardship opportunities and challenges. During this meeting, we will review income sources, debts, charitable giving, insurance, recent tax returns, retirement income planning, assets and legal documents (i.e. wills, power-of-attorney, trust).

Who are the advisors that conduct this review?

We work with licensed, Christian financial advisors & professionals who are employed by Life Financial Group and passionate about practical stewardship in everyday life. Click here to learn more about our teachers and counselors.

How long is this review?

This review generally takes 60-90 minutes and preferably takes place in person. However, we are also available to schedule this review over the phone or through an online meeting software.

Is this review a sales presentation?

Absolutely not! This review is a free, comprehensive review that provides practical stewardship advice so families can take the next steps toward their financial goals.