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Join us as we talk to Aaron House, author and Executive Director of Piercing Word Ministries, about the impact of Scripture memorization and dramatization. The Bible does not shy away from the topic of financial stewardship. Scripture guides us in the realm of Biblical financial stewardship. Therefore, it is important to know the Word of God!

Piercing Word’s featured production, Stewardship, is based on the Biblical principles outlined in Life Institute’s Stewardship Lifestyle Seminar.  In this presentation, we learn that God has given His people guidelines for how to wisely manage their resources. To learn more about what stewardship resources are available for you and your church, please visit Life Institute’s website at


About Piercing Word

Piercing Word is a group of theatre professionals who are passionate about coming alongside Christian Leaders to help them engage their people with the Word of God. They do this by performing scripture in dramatic and musical presentations that are word-for-word from the ESV Bible and providing resources on how to better memorize and study the Bible. Piercing Word is a full-time, non-profit theatre ministry based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and most of their ministry takes place within a two-hour radius of Lancaster, with occasional regional tours of the United States. They perform for churches, conferences, colleges, and special events as well as retirement communities, homeless shelters, and more! Contact their team to see what scripture performances they have available that could compliment your service or event.


Purchase Aaron’s Book: Warriors of the Word


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