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In today’s episode, we will be interviewing the author of a book that members of our team absolutely loved! The book relates to our passion of preaching and teaching about the intersection of stewardship and Biblical theology.  So tune in! I am sure that this interview will be thought-provoking and we pray that many of you would consider getting a copy of this book so that you too can take a next step in your journey towards becoming an even better steward of all that the Lord has put into your hands. Purchase Giving Outside the Box, by Dale Losch on Amazon!


About Dale Losch

Dale serves as president of Crossworld, a missions organization whose goal is to send disciple-makers from all professions, to launch disciple-making communities in the world’s least-reached marketplaces. He draws on his formal education (a bachelor’s degree in Missions and a master’s degree in Theology), his decades of pastoral and cross-cultural ministry, and his real-life experience to lead a mission that has world-wide Kingdom impact.

Not only does Dale lead Crossworld, but he is also the author of two books.  His first book, A Better Way: Make Disciples Wherever Life Happens, and his most recent book Giving Outside the Box

One of the things Dale enjoys most in life, besides spending time with his wife, his kids, and their twelve (and counting) grandchildren, is sharing biblical truth with everyday relevance so that people can discover life as it is meant to be.


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Giving Outside the Box, by Dale Losch


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