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This is our 100th episode! When I think of hitting this milestone Tim, the verse that comes to my mind is this one:

Ephesians 3:20 ESV – Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us

Two and a half years ago we brainstormed an idea to start a podcast that would specifically deal with Biblical Stewardship and how to help Believers become even better stewards of all that God has placed into their care. Part of the reason behind the podcast creation came from our seminar division, Life Institute.  The partial frustration that we had was when we would roll into a city to do our three day Stewardship Lifestyle Seminar, we only had those three days to invest into the congregation of that local church and their leaders.  When we left to be at another seminar, there were, at times, more that we could have shared or instructed, yet we did not have the face-time to do it.

That frustration was part of what became the catalyst of starting this podcast! Thank you Lord for taking this podcast above and beyond what we were thinking it would go!

Since the beginning of this podcast, by God’s grace, we have been streamed in 78 countries or territories and over 1500 cities across the world.


We would also like to take a moment and recognize the different people involved!

  • Bekah – Our compliance and email extraordinaire. She makes sure that all of our content gets into our compliance office and sent to you guys, our listeners! Bekah worked in Christian camp ministry for many years, and loves doing the work of the ministry!
  • Tyler – Tyler produces the podcast, but he does much more than the audio production! He creates our episode schedule, website, and social media content too. You’ll also occasionally hear him, as he guests on our episodes from time-to-time. He also has worked in church ministry for many years, and brings a passion for Biblical literacy and Gospel truth to our team.
  • Tim – Tim is our expertise when it comes to financial matters. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Kingdom Advisor, but he is also the president of our organization.Tim makes sure that our financial discussions are beneficial and accurate! But Tim also studied Biblical languages in college, so he brings a strong sense of Biblical literacy to our team.
  • Drew – Drew is our expertise when it comes to ministry matters. As a Pastor for almost 30 years, he has multiple ordinations and many years of experience working with Pastors. He makes sure that what we discuss is Biblically accurate and Gospel centered!


Why We Exist

  • Our goal: To help Christians become better stewards of all their assets
  • We are passionate about money, finances, and proper Biblical money management and stewardship!
    • Tim’s wealth of knowledge of being a CFP and almost 25 years in the financial services Industry, lends well to making sure that we are true to the realities of personal finances!
    • Drew brings to the podcast and seminar a 36 year long history of  being passionate about having and living with…and on a budget!
  • To be a Biblical/Gospel-centered source of money and investing advice. 
    • Expositional
      • So many people today are teaching about biblical money management, but not all are expositing the Word of God. This means that we specifically pull the meaning directly from the text (and even ‘geeking out’ to see what the original languages say) and discovering what the Scriptures are saying about money, finances and stewardship. As we mentioned earlier, every person on our team is passionate about Biblical truth.
      • Sadly, there is what we see as “proof texting” with a lot of other “biblical” stewardship teachers. This is when someone just finds a verse or two that “fits” what they are saying or teaching, and more often than not, it is taken out of context. This is why we are passionate about making sure we are true to the Word of God. Instead of making the Bible fit what we are trying to say, we are passionate about letting the Word of God SPEAK, and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform our lives.
    • Our passion is to be true to the Word of God!  We do our best to take it in context,  make sure that all that we say is true and honoring to God!


Stewardship Applications:

  1. SPIRITUAL – Take God at His Word. Make sure your sources of Biblical stewardship (or any Christian content) is Bible-centered, and used in proper context. If you apply this principle, you will become a great discerner.
  2. FINANCIAL – To give you some good, time tested advice…As Chris Parnell says to Steve Martin and Amy Poehler in that famous SNL skit, “Don’t buy stuff you can’t afford.”
  3. But for real, sign up for a Free Stewardship Review. You may want to discuss your options and plans with a financial advisor, but are concerned about the cost. Don’t worry, we do these reviews as a ministry. We would love to help guide you in your stewardship Journey. Just visit
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We are so glad that you guys are finding this content beneficial and helpful. We are truly honored!


Helpful reviews

“[They] do an excellent job of bringing a biblical and practical perspective to financial matters.”

“The most biblical-based financial wisdom that I’ve found. These guys have a servant’s heart and bring much-needed advice and direction in each episode. All believers should listen to this show.”



Next Steps


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