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Recently, we went back to the basics to address the question, ‘what is stewardship?’  As we grasped a definition of stewardship, we found it necessary to explore, ‘what does good stewardship look like?’ Not just in theory. But practically, what does good stewardship look like? How do we look at our lives and figure out whether or not we are really being a good steward over what God has entrusted to us?We don’t do this to create a barometer of judgment over ourselves or others. Instead, we can take a good, introspective look at our own lives and figure out ways we can become even better stewards! Before we address what good stewardship looks like, we first have to understand what stewardship is NOT.


Good stewardship is not:

  • Earning a large paycheck…
  • Having so much savings…
  • Having such a large portfolio value…
  • Living in a certain type of house…
  • Driving a certain type of car.

All of these things have stewardship implications but they are not in and of themselves necessary signs of good or poor stewardship. 

Good stewardship is not a certain level of christian development or a special status enjoyed by only the most mature believers. Rather, good stewardship is a process where by we become more like Christ in the way we interact with and care for the world he has placed us in. The Good Steward is not perfect but progressing in faith toward better management of God’s resources.


How do we know if we are a good steward?

In what or whom do you trust? 

  • In our income
  • In our savings
  • In our national or political identity
  • In our denomination or church
  • Or in Jesus Christ the only hope in life and in death.

How is the trust of the Good Steward demonstrated?

  • Repentance – None of us are perfect. The Good Steward runs to Jesus when he/she has failed to live up to the standards of God. Perfect stewardship is impossible on this side of eternity. This means that we press on toward better stewardship, knowing that Jesus sees our heart and understands our motives. We know that Jesus is ready to forgive. A good Steward is not a perfect stewards but one who trust in Jesus and is moving to grow in Christ-likeness.
  • Christ-focused – The Good Steward recognizes that by venture of the indwelling Holy Spirit, God sees Jesus when God looks at us. This means that we can let go of our guilt and shame of poor stewardship. God does not dislike or distrust us because of our past failures. In fact, he loves us just as much as he loves Jesus. The Good Steward presses on to be more like Jesus Christ, not Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett, Drew Gysi.
  • TrustHow will our needs be met? Are we relying on our own wisdom, skill, hard work, and attentiveness to provide for our needs? Or are we looking to God who has promised that we are worth much more than many sparrows.
  • ConfidenceWe can face the future with confidence not because of our wisdom and resources but because of God’s promises. We dont need to listen to our worries. We have not need of the fears. Until the day that the Lord calls you home, you are bullet proof.
  • Hard WorkThe Good Steward does not just operate on a hope and a prayer. Based upon the Stewards union with Christ and the confidence in God’s faithful provision, he works heartily as unto the Lord.


What does Good Stewardship Look Like?

So, what does good stewardship look like? Good Stewardship is faithful stewardship. It is recognizing that we are not perfect, but Jesus is. The faithful steward turns to Christ when he fails. They understands that Christ completes all the obedience that they lack. The good steward, more than he want to grow in his stewardship, wants to grow to become more like Christ. 

What does the Good Steward look like? He looks like Jesus Christ.


Stewardship Application

  • Are you feeling like you’re not measuring up to ‘good stewardship?’ Don’t fret, there is hope! There’s always a next step towards better stewardship (Ep. 123 in 2 weeks)
  • Remember that stewardship is not a singular event or action…but a lifestyle. We don’t just wake up one day, make one decision, and become a good steward. Stewardship is a journey that we are all growing in, making good, right and proper choices today and again tomorrow. It is very similar to sanctification, yet it is a life-long process of discipleship in assets, money, finances and its stewardship. 
  • Need someone to get you started or point you in the right direction? Sign up for a free Personal Stewardship Review with a member from our team. We’d be more than happy to help you take your next steps in Biblical Financial Stewardship.


Next Steps


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